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Hear our news on-air at our partner site:. Live Stream Schedule In Person. It's a law of a journalist's inbox that we get wild pitches whenever some sort of big news thing happens. And it was last October, when the Silverado Fire was tearing through the bone-dry hills of Irvine, that I got a curious note from a reputable university. A professor, it said, had an idea to use a certain tropical fruit to help fight fires like the one we were watching on TV. The professor was suggesting planting waves of emerald-green banana plants on Southern California's parched hills in an effort to help protect communities from wildfires.

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Red Banana Tree

Banana plants Musa acuminata are easy to grow, require very little pruning maintenance, and make a delightful accent to any landscape. When you grow your own banana plant, you will enjoy large, smooth tropical foliage — with an edible fruit bonus! These banana plants develop fruits which are small to medium in size and are packed with vitamins and minerals, best used fresh or in smoothies, salads, and baked treats.

In warm zones with low frost-risk, grow a banana plant all year long in the yard as an accent feature.In cooler zones, plant in the yard during the warm summer months and transplant into containers for protection indoors from frost and other winter elements. Or simply grow banana plants indoors in containers year-round and take pleasure in their lush tropical charm.

Enter your zip code to find your hardiness zone and to see which trees and plants are compatible with your area. If your trees or plants do not survive, please let us know within one year of delivery. Read more about our warranty policy.

Products Buyer's Guide. Banana Plants Buyer's Guide Banana plants Musa acuminata are easy to grow, require very little pruning maintenance, and make a delightful accent to any landscape. Shop Banana Plants. Hardiness Zone Enter your zip code to find your hardiness zone and to see which trees and plants are compatible with your area. Filter Items by Characteristics. Our experts are ready to help! Chat with one of our experts ».

How to Overwinter Banana Plants

As long as you live in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, you should be able to navigate the banana tree fruit cycle with ease. In fact, to get your banana plant facts straight, from A to Z, start with the colloquial name of your newest companion. Other banana plant facts and terms may sound more familiar to you. After six to eight months, the Rainforest Alliance explains that it can be an enlightening process to watch as:. Fruiting banana plants thrive in slightly acidic soil.

The pups were re-potted and are doing fine. Does this mean it is a non-fruiting variety? Had hoped for flowers and fruit before the mother plant died (normal.


If there is one plant that is associated with tropical pleasure, warm weather and an easy life, it is the Banana Tree. The swaying leaves and hanging fruits all conjure up visions of island life and easy living. Yet these plants are not difficult to grow in warmer gardens far from the tropics, and in pots almost everywhere.Given sun, food and water, Banana Trees will bring pleasure and novelty to any garden, and often fruit too. Imagine how it would feel to give your family bananas from your own garden. Banana Trees make exciting additions to every garden whether you can grow them in the ground, or grow them in pots. Their beautiful form and foliage adds interest to the garden and the prospect of eating your own bananas and sharing them with your family and friends is a real bonus.

How to grow banana plants

Common names for banana : English—banana, plantain; Spanish—banano, platano, guineo, cambur. Relatives of banana within the Order Zingiberales : Numerous ornamental plants including traveler's palm, bird-of-paradise, heliconia, and ginger. Bananas are vigorously growing, monocotyledonous herbaceous plants. There are two species of banana, Musa acuminata and M. Banana cultivars vary greatly in plant and fruit size, plant morphology, fruit quality, and disease and insect resistance.

Although banana plants are seen as a tropical to sub tropical plant, some banana plants can be grown in cool climates given the right variety and conditions. Banana plants including dwarf varieties are available for sale from retail nurseries in QLD and can also be purchased online in other states.

Banana Plants for sale

Willis Orchard Company has a nice selection of fourteen different varieties to choose from, though it has been reported that there are more than cultivars available world wide. One of our most popular varieties, the Cavendish, was introduced to the US in the 's and has become the export industry standard for bananas. Ornamental and fruiting banana trees grow the best under warm conditions but have been reported to be shade tolerant. The planting site should be chosen carefully for protection from wind and cold weather. Strong winds can play havoc on the banana leaf, often tattering and tearing banana trees badly.

Newport News couple enjoys fruits of their tropical paradise

Pot Size: 4. It is the only way to get disease free healthy banana plants. For sale is a live plant with established root system in a pot. Plants are staked with soil, sealed in a plastic wrapping to retain moisture during shipment. When you receive this plant, simply remove the plastic and check moisture in the soil. Water the plant once per day while in their container. Plants have also been fertilized for the season. All of our plants are cared for with natural practices, without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Bunnings is selling banana plants and some growers are a bit worried. problems with banana trees "come from wildlife taking the fruit".

How do bananas reproduce? What you need to know

Ever thought about growing your own bananas? With the Dwarf Cavendish Banana tree, this can be a reality. While this fruit tree is recommended for USDA growing zones 8 to 11, it can be grown as a patio plant in cooler climates.

Robot or human?

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Most times, orders having items with different shipping schedules are held in full until the entire order is ready to ship based on your grow zone. Plants will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area of the country using the shipping timeframes outlined below. We continually monitor weather conditions for extreme hot or cold and adjust shipping schedules as needed. Due to hot weather conditions, we are unable to ship most plant items in July and August. The type of product you order or the weather in our area to yours may affect the anticipated shipping schedule, shifting earlier or later, depending. Trees and shrubs are kept in the nursery row until full dormant for optimum stress protection.

As soon as the worst of the summer heat is over plant them in a warm micro-climate with plenty of time for them to establish themselves before winter. Read on for planting, growing, harvesting and cool-climate variety info.

We strive to give you the very best quality plant material at economical prices. We grow the plants ourselves and oversee every aspect of the growing and plant selection. We are certain you will be happy with your plants once you follow the simple growing instructions. Banana plant varieties can be purchased on location, along with Banana Blend Fertilizer. The list of varieties and prices will be in effect from January through DecemberAny new additions can be obtained by inquiry, however new selections and many of the rare and exotic varieties are limited in number.

Banana Musa sp. Its year round availability, affordability, varietal range, taste, nutritive and medicinal value makes it the favourite fruit among all classes of people. It has also good export potential.


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